Logo Viento Fresco Waterfall

1 hour from Monteverde,
and 20 minutes from Lake Arenal

Tel (506) 2695-3434

Movil (506) 8383-1178 / 8395-8468

Fax (506) 2695-4045





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Our History

15 years ago Asdrubal (elder brother) walking on the farm recently purchased by our father "Victor Alvarez," who is a native of the area and a descendant of the first inhabitants here, discovered the first cataract, which was surprising because it was unknown what had in the property.


The following week was organized an expedition to retrace familiar part of the farm and found the second waterfall, which we also drew attention because in a few yards away had 2 cataracts.


Due to the broken terrain and state, we think that perhaps had more cataracts and was discovered as well as the other 3.

Since then, and thanks to increased tourism to Monteverde, we begin to mature the idea of building something small that could draw attention to the tourist as well as making and was 8 years ago we opened the doors of our cataract tourism both international and local .

We are a family microenterprise started as a tourism project which each year we have introduced new services according to the growth we have been experiencing.


At first only offered entry to visit the waterfalls, walking on a footpath, then added a horseback tour to tour the property, last year we opened a restaurant at the entrance, now include a tour of the dairy of the family who is a short distance of the falls and in this moment we are with two new projects to incorporate medium-term which will be opening a tour of abseiling and a shelter to offer tourists the possibility of pernotar on our farm.

Thanks to the support of many local and foreign tourists who visit us during the year, we want to provide the best service in each of our activities and invite you to visit Falls Cool Wind is a natural paradise that close to you not to be missed.


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Tel (506) 2695-3434 / Movil (506) 8383-1178 / 8395-8468 / Fax (506) 2695-4045 / info@vientofresco.net  / Apartado Postal: 177-5710

Ruta 145, Coordenadas 10.420726, -84.923776

Tilarán - Guanacaste - Costa Rica